The Norwegians have developed an octocopter capable of lifting up to 300 kg

Currently existing flying drones can be roughly divided into small-sized - copters designed to deliver small cargo or goods and full-size - usually unmanned helicopters. The Norwegian company Griff Aviation has announced a drone somewhere in between the two groups.

The new product is an octocopter called the Griff 300, an aircraft with eight engines. Its weight is 75 kg, while it can lift loads weighing up to 225 kg. Depending on the load being transported, its battery charge lasts from 30 to 45 minutes of flight.

In the standard version, the drone is controlled from a ground control controller. However, it is possible to order a special cockpit, like a helicopter, and control the flight directly from it in the first person.

Potential users are offered the following options: for the army, police, firefighters and search and rescue teams. There is also an option for wind turbine repair and cargo delivery specialists.

The price of the Griff 300 is not yet known. Meanwhile, the company is already developing an even more lifting model Griff 800, the take-off weight of which will be respectively 800 kilograms.