Arkhangelsk will test a ship laser for cutting ice

In the near future, the power of the Russian icebreaker fleet will be replenished with lasers developed by the Shvabe holding. According to the head of the holding, Alexei Patrikeev, there is nothing like this in any country in the world.

The laser icebreaker complex includes a fiber laser connected to an optical fiber cable, a power system and equipment for aiming and focusing the beam. The "smart" control system will grope for weak points in the ice - the so-called voltage lines, and then focus a laser beam on them.

It is known from the characteristics of the equipment that its power will be 200 kW. This will be enough to break up ice up to 1 meter thick.

The new development will find application primarily on the ships of the Russian military Arctic group. Tests should begin at the end of this year in the Arkhangelsk region.