The Russian fleet will be replenished with a record-sized submarine

The nuclear submarine "Belgorod" has an unusual fate. It was laid down a quarter of a century ago, as Project 949A, as an "aircraft carrier killer" equipped with two dozen Granit cruise missiles. However, the "dashing" 90s almost put an end to this grandiose superproject.

The second birth of "Belgorod" took place 20 years later, when it was decided to reconstruct the unfinished attack submarine into a research submarine. Speaking about it, it is worth answering two features.

The first is its size. According to this indicator, it will surpass even such a "superheavyweight" as the world's largest submarine, the Typhoon, by as much as 30 meters - 185 versus 155 meters.

The second is the purpose and filling. Instead of deadly "Granites" "Belgorod" literally "to the eyeballs" stuffed with diving devices, bathyscaphes and scientific equipment to carry out special research missions.

The nuclear submarine "Belgorod" will closely engage in research on the Arctic shelf, prospecting for minerals, and laying communications. However, according to experts, its main "weapon" will be the deep-water station AS-31 "Losharik". With the help of AS-31, the crew members will install nuclear submarine modules in the ocean depths to charge underwater drones.

Over time, thanks to Belgorod, a global system for monitoring the underwater situation will be deployed in the interests of Russia's security. The reconstruction of the boat will be completed next year.