US Navy plans to use 12-year-old Xbox 360 controllers on latest submarines

We live in a time when even the most sophisticated products of modern electronics become hopelessly outdated within a few months, giving way to more advanced innovations. In this sense, the game controller from Microsoft Xbox 360 is a real "grandfather" who has already turned 13 years old.

However, despite such a "venerable" age, it will still serve - and not just anywhere, but on US Navy submarines. The American newspaper The Virginian-Pilot reports that the command of the Navy intends to use Xbox 360 controllers to control the periscopes of the latest Virginia-class submarines.

Currently, they are equipped with mast digital cameras, which allows officers in the conning tower to see the external "picture" simultaneously on several screens. It is worth recalling that only a few years ago, officers were observing the surface through an eyepiece in a periscope, which had to be constantly rotated.

The idea to use an inexpensive Microsoft Xbox 360 controller that costs only about $ 40, which can also be bought at any store for gamers, belongs to specialists at Lockheed Martin. Prior to that, the new version of the periscope was controlled with a $ 38, 000 joystick, which required certain skills. Feel the difference, as they say.

According to many junior submarine officers, the familiar Xbox 360 makes the controls a lot easier than the heavy and awkward joystick. In addition, this is not the first time that Lockheed Martin has introduced conventional technology into combat vehicles. Exactly the same Xbox controllers are already successfully used to control the laser cannons developed by the company.

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