IBM patented technology for transferring cargo between drones in flight

Drones promise to revolutionize the delivery of small cargo or parcels directly to the customer. However, at the same time, the problems associated with the limited range of drones, cases of theft of parcels and the lack of a delivery optimization system remain unresolved.

IBM specialists have developed a technology for transferring cargo between drones in flight that will solve all these problems. The idea is protected by the corresponding patent No. 9561852.

IBM offers to deliver packages using the relay race method. For example, another drone flies towards a drone flying with a load, for example, a drone launched by a client. At a certain point, a meeting takes place, where, under the control of a cloud service associated with a computer system, the cargo is transferred using a special mechanism.

One of the methods of sending the package involves connecting the drones with a special rail with a magnetic tip. The package moves along the guide on the ring.

One of the authors of the project, Rakshit Sarbajit, spoke about the advantages of the new technology:

“Drones have the potential to transform the way we do business through machine learning. In particular, UAVs can make significant changes to e-commerce. So our team of inventors is focused on creating new opportunities for the delivery of parcels and medical supplies in developing countries in the shortest possible way. "