Workhorse Surefly May Become First Passenger Sky Workhorse

At the upcoming Paris Air Show 2017, they promise to present something that is not so much an innovation as the embodiment of the hopes of all enlightened humanity. A small, ultra-reliable cargo-passenger aircraft at the price of an ordinary car and with the same functions - to carry the owner over short distances without unnecessary frills. The brainchild of the Workhorse company.

Technically, this is a quadcopter, enlarged enough to accommodate two human passengers, plus a couple of lightweight bags. Its weight is 1100 kg, the maximum speed is limited to 100 km / h, and the flight range at one gas station is just over a hundred kilometers. But instead of electric motors and heavy, low-capacity batteries, there is a gasoline engine - in fact, you can refuel and service your sky horse in a regular car service.

The heart of the Workhorse Surefly flying platform is the reliable and versatile BWM engine used in the BMW 600cc motorcycle, light trucks, i3 electric car and other vehicles. Not know-how, but a familiar and proven energy generator with a low level of emissions into the atmosphere - Surefly will "eat" regular gasoline, fly and not smoke the sky.

Another important point: Workhorce already has a commercial quadrocopter HorseFly in its range. A utility air truck capable of carrying loads of up to 5 kg back and forth for half an hour in a row, performing all maneuvers in automatic mode. In a broad sense, Surefly is an enlarged version of it, using the same debugged algorithm for controlling the machine in flight, so the requirements for the skills of the owner-pilot of the new aircraft are minimal.

In the sketches, the Workhorse Surefly looks like an “angular shelf” with propellers, which is as far from the laconic silhouettes of helicopters as it is from the design lines of the latest generations of “flying cars”. This is its whole essence: as a cheap, simple scooter conquered the roads of Asia, so the Workhorse Surefly can pave the way to the sky for everyone. Details will be announced in two weeks.