Announced AirQuadOne - a flying vertical takeoff quad bike

At the upcoming air show in Paris, the Neva Aerospace consortium promises to show a concept of a personal vehicle with a vertical take-off and landing function. Most of all, AirQuadOne resembles a hybrid of a multicopter and a sports bike - a flight machine with the grace of a motorcycle.

A concept is a concept, the developers have announced the desired functions of the future device, but not about the real achievements. According to the plan, AirQuadOne will have the dimensions of a subcompact car, but it is not designed for highway driving, only for flights at altitudes up to 1 km at speeds up to 80 km / h.

The takeoff weight of AirQuadOne will be 500 kg, of which 100 kg is the payload, and another 100 kg is the battery pack. Their full charge will last for 20, maximum 30 minutes of flight, but the quad bike can be recharged at any of the stations that serve electric vehicles. Or simply take out the empty battery and insert the full one.

The body of the machine is made of recycled carbon fiber, its main engines are rotary mechanism for vertical takeoff and landing and level flight. It is assumed the presence of controlled and unmanned modifications, plus a version with a hybrid power plant, with a doubled flight range.

They do not promise to show a working prototype at the Paris air show.