Alan Gifford - the youngest "bionic boy" with two robotic prostheses

Fate has cruelly treated 11-year-old Alan Gifford, who comes from a large family from the town of Swansea, Wales. At the age of three, he suffered severe heart disease, which led to the amputation of both arms. However, the parents did not fall into despair and turned to everyone who was not indifferent to the fate of their child for help.

By 2015, they had raised the £ 30, 000 needed to design and manufacture Alan's first prosthetic arm. A little later, again thanks to donations, a second hand was created. After that, they began to call him "bionic boy". With the help of bionic hands, Alan can ride a bike and eat on his own, dexterously handling cutlery.

Bionic hands were developed by specialists of the Touch Bionics company (Livingstone). Prostheses, controlled by muscle signals, perform four types of gripping, which allows the execution of many necessary operations. They are not afraid of water, but they need to be recharged daily, for which they must be taken off at night. Currently, the parents are looking for funds for new prostheses, which the boy will use upon reaching the age of 16.