The sCarabane collapsible house collects energy from the sun and wind for a fully autonomous life in nature

The sCarabane concept of a completely non-volatile house is based on the idea that everything necessary for the functioning of domestic systems can be obtained from the energy of the sun. Therefore, the main function of this house is to rotate around its axis in order to capture and process maximum sunlight. And not only with batteries.

The sCarabane housing arrives at the installation site in the form of a container with a length of 7, 8 m, and then unfolds with the efforts of one person within 30 minutes. There is a living room, two bedrooms, a sanitary area and an open veranda with a pull-out awning. The entire structure is placed on a movable base and independently rotates after the sun, obeying the commands of the light sensors.

The sCarabane solar energy harvesting system is perhaps the most advanced in the world. Parabolic folding mirror with an area of ​​6 sq.m. focuses the light on the heating elements, providing the entire system with free hot water for the shower, toilet and kitchen. A solar panel with a power of 500 watts generates electricity for household appliances, and a "petal" system of translucent windows allows you to regulate the amount of light and heat that enter the rooms.

There is also a retractable wind turbine mast, as well as a prototype of an autonomous system for collecting and purifying rainwater. The authors of the sCarabane concept admit that only a small part of the Earth's climatic zones will be able to fully assess the quality of their brainchild. But that's what the concept is for, in order to create real solutions on its basis. According to calculations, a full-fledged autonomous housing that does not require any additional energy sources is quite realistic. It remains to build it.