A successful test flight of the world's first unmanned flying taxi takes place in Dubai

A test flight of the world's first unmanned air taxi, developed by the well-known German UAV manufacturer Volocopter, has successfully completed in the capital of the UAE - Dubai. The event was announced by Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum. The prince himself did not dare to ride the drone, but he personally launched the flight and watched him from the monitor.

The Volocopter is a two-seater aircraft powered by 18 propeller engines that provide vertical take-off and landing as well as a 30-minute flight, making it an ideal vehicle for short city trips.

Another goal of the project is to create an air taxi system similar to the Uber platform, so that customers can order it from their smartphones. Passenger safety is ensured by backup battery systems, spare engines and parachutes.

The deployment of the infrastructure of unmanned taxis was an innovative step for the country towards the goal of becoming the “smartest pride” in the world. By 2030, it is planned to transfer 25% of all passenger traffic to autonomous mode.

Over the next few years, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority will work on regulations and standards for flying taxis.