Concern "Kalashnikov" built its own hoverbike

Without unnecessary fanfare, in a routine mode, a video of a working prototype of a "flying motorcycle" appeared on the YouTube channel of the Russian arms corporation. Hoverbike, as it is called in the West, was shown to officials - something angular, rough, but spartanly simple and reliable can be seen in the footage. Like most of the products of the legendary brand.

The Kalashnikov hoverbike is a frame on which eight twin motors with propellers are hung along the perimeter. The pilot's seat, together with the batteries, is located in the geometric center of the structure and is isolated from moving parts. The prototype flew in a "skeleton" format, but at the end of the video there are several images of the aerodynamic body kit. And it looks impressive.

The technical characteristics of the flying machine remained behind the scenes, but it flies quite confidently. And, importantly, it retains the key properties of a multicopter with a cargo in the form of a person on board. This is fast acceleration, maneuvering in three-dimensional space, turning practically in place, etc. It is not surprising that the head of Rostec, who was present at the presentation, Sergei Chemezov, did not hide a smile.

A prototype is a prototype, even the scope is described very roughly "exploration and other purposes." Experts draw attention to another factor - the combined efforts of mankind to create a personal flying vehicle, a hoverbike, are approaching a certain turning point. So many concepts, prototypes and toys have soared that the first reliable commercial model is just around the corner. Whether Kalashnikov's brainchild will become them, the near future will show.