Aston Martin develops luxury three-seat submarine

A luxury car maker set out to conquer underwater space, with Aston Martin launching Project Neptune. In tandem with Triton Submarines, which specializes in small submarines, he intends to develop a new vehicle. A combination of a sports car, an escape pod and a submarine, the focus of high technology and luxury.

The main thing in "Neptune" is not technical solutions or performance characteristics, but the idea. One of the three typical Triton Submarines platforms will be taken as a basis, while the lion's share of the efforts at this stage is aimed at developing the design of an unusual device. The concept sketch outlines a transparent bubble cockpit with rudder wings and an aft compartment that houses the engine.

This design is a compromise between the wishes of the designers from the automotive industry and the requirements of submarine engineers. The cab has a view of almost 360 degrees and, thanks to its spherical shape, reliably resists pressure from the environment. It will be able to accommodate three passengers, and they will be, as they say, in the center of events - all other equipment is moved back and sideways. The submarine buyer should feel like "the lord of the seas, " hinted at Aston Martin.

“We have used shapes and proportions that express the same dedication to design, technique and beauty that defines the shape of our cars, ” says Vice President Marek Reichman. Project Neptune is an exclusive, strictly limited offer, naturally not cheap. And so far not a word about when you can expect to see at least a prototype of the "super submarine".