Supersonic passenger aviation returns with Boom Supersonic

The last flight of the then only supersonic passenger liner Concorde took place back in 2003. Almost 15 years later, the startup company Boom Supersonic (Denver, USA) intends to revive this half-forgotten way of transportation.

The program for the revival of supersonic commercial aviation developed by them is ready to be invested by the leading Japanese air carrier Japan Airlines (JAL) with 10 million dollars. The new Boom Jet is expected to fly faster and quieter than its legendary predecessor.

As an investor, JAL will be able to purchase 20 machines from Boom Supersonic. The airline will also assist its partners in the design of the aircraft. Commercial shipments are scheduled to begin in the mid-2020s. Boom Supersonic has already received orders for the construction of 76 supersonic aircraft, including from the world's five largest air carriers. Among those who supported the project, the head of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, who also does not mind buying 10 cars from the first series.

The Boom Jet is expected to be 30 times quieter and less fuel efficient than the Concorde. In addition, the fares for flights will be comparable to the current fares in business class, that is, 75% lower than the "Concord" ones.

Boom Jet will reach a speed of Mach 2, 2 (2330 km / h), flying from Tokyo to the US West Coast in 5.5 hours. In addition, recumbent seats are expected to be installed in the cabin by 2023.

However, even in spite of such a promising investment, experts are very cautious in their forecasts, quite rightly believing that it is still a long way to a full resumption of supersonic commercial flights.