Dutch police curtail eagles' drone training program

The Dutch police leadership may have been too rushed to bring in the eagles to combat the drones. As practice has shown, the "performance" of birds during the "hunt" leaves much to be desired.

At first, it really seemed that the eagles would be able to effectively counter terrorists using drones for criminal purposes - but, fortunately, this did not become a problem. Not everything was so simple with the birds: even the eagles trained from an early age did not always do what was required of them. There were also concerns about the behavior of birds in extreme conditions, and the preparation itself turned out to be very expensive. So closing the program was pretty predictable.

Dutch police are completing another experiment using rats to find human remains, fake cigarettes and fireworks. In the opinion of the guards, the animals did not show "proper efficiency" here either.

And, perhaps, the main reason for abandoning the bird training program is the emergence of new effective technologies for combating unmanned aerial vehicles. So, for example, portable compact transmitters have been developed that turn off their onboard electronics in flight.