A simple Fat Shark 101 drone will help you master the control of large racing drones

The well-known developer of computer games, the Swedish company Fatshark, has presented its novelty - a manned quadcopter Fat Shark 101. It is aimed at those who are just starting to master the basics of flying drones before moving on to larger and more complex models.

The $ 250 Fat Shark 101 kit includes the quadcopter itself, a radio controller, 2 USB video cameras, glasses with a display function, batteries, cables, antennas.

The big advantage of the Fat Shark 101 is the combination of simplicity (there are only a few buttons on the control panel, there is no controller and UAV binding) with the possibility of professional piloting.

Fat Shark 101 is more of a racing model, which is facilitated by a modest video camera that transmits a "picture" to glasses with a display function. This is a real gift for beginners learning the basics of drone control.

The Achilles heel of most mini quadcopters is short battery life, and the Fat Shark 101 is no exception - only about 5 minutes on a single battery. The set includes two batteries, but you should immediately buy a few more.