How much does a real helicopter cost?

It is no secret that aviation at one time was divided - albeit rather conditionally - into planes and helicopters. Both are good and irreplaceable in their own way. Of course, the "share" of aircraft in aviation is immeasurably greater: they fly faster, carry more cargo and passengers, and much more is invested in their development and production.

"Small spool, but expensive" - ​​this is about a helicopter. Yes, it is not so fast and strong in terms of carrying capacity - but, thanks to its unique ability to take off and land vertically, it does not need airfields. It can easily get by with a flat platform (including on the roof of the house and on the ship's deck), slightly larger than the diameter of the main rotor.

If necessary, the helicopter can hover in the air, "back up", carry important cargo on an external sling, and even "work" as a flying crane.

However, each item has its own price, and when it became possible to buy rotary-wing aircraft for personal ownership, a completely natural question arose: How much does a helicopter cost?

What makes up the price of a helicopter

Even the cheapest helicopter is very expensive. Its price tag consists of many components. Before a car takes off into the sky, it must first be developed, assembled and flown around. In addition, the final cost of the car includes the costs of transportation, packaging, insurance.

If the helicopter is purchased abroad, you will have to fork out additionally for the services of a customs broker, cargo handling at the customs terminal, and final assembly after transportation. After that, it is necessary to fly around the car, draw up all the necessary documents and certificates of validity. The biggest expenses are related to the customs duty - up to 14.3% of the price with a weight over 1000 kg.

How much do real Russian helicopters cost

Russia is one of the leading "helicopter" powers. Suffice it to say that the world's most massive production helicopter is our multipurpose Mi-8. In total, more than 13 thousand cars have been produced since 1965. The average Mi-8 price is $ 10 million.

Unlike him, a veteran of Russian aviation with a huge track record, the ultramodern Ka-62 still belongs to the category of promising multi-purpose helicopters. According to experts, its price is also about $ 10 million.

Ansat is a serial Russian helicopter developed in the late 90s. It is mainly used as a flying desk for training helicopter pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Ansats serve in the Emergencies Ministry and the Disaster Medicine Center. The price of the device is about $ 4 million.

For a long time in Russia, practically no light passenger cars were produced, but recently there has been an encouraging turn in this undoubtedly promising direction.

The first "swallows" were "Mikron" and "Afalina". Mikron is an ultralight helicopter weighing only 115 kg. If desired, it can be folded into the trunk of the car. The price of the car is expected to be low. The price of the Afalina produced by Helivale is $ 150, 000. Perhaps, today it is the cheapest helicopter.

Robinson Helicopters

So far, the vast majority of small helicopters sold in Russia are of foreign production. The undisputed leader among them is the American Robinson Helicopter Company, which offers an extensive line of four and two-seat Robinson R44 helicopters at prices ranging from $ 230, 000 to $ 770, 000.

Robinson r44

And yet only a few can become the owner of the helicopter. Buying a rotary-wing aircraft is only half the battle. It will cost almost 1.5 million rubles to get the "air license" for the Robinson R44. Retraining for other types of helicopters costs no less.

Those who cannot afford the expense can still experience the joy of flying. In large Russian cities, flying clubs offer to make a short sightseeing flight. Such pleasure can hardly be called cheap: a 15-minute helicopter flight will cost about 3000 rubles.