U.S. Air Force begins development of a new generation B-21 strategic bomber

The US Air Force is ready to begin mothballing the B-2 Spirit and B-1B Lancer strategic bombers as part of the B-21 new generation bomber development program, which is expected to be ready by the mid-2020s. This became known from the draft federal budget of the country for 2019 published on February 12.

In accordance with the program, the Air Force will receive 100 B-21 strategic bombers and auxiliary equipment for them in the amount of $ 80 billion. Currently, almost nothing is known about the new aircraft, except that it will be equipped with stealth technology and have the ability to penetrate deep into enemy territory, while remaining invisible to air defense systems.

According to experts, the conceptual design of the B-21 Raider, published in 2016, is a development of the concept of the B-2 strategic bomber, the striking power of which will be enhanced by new technologies.

The veteran of the B-52 strategic aviation will not be forgotten either. It is planned to equip it with new efficient engines and arm it with promising LongOp nuclear-powered cruise missiles (LRSO).

In addition to expenses for aviation, the draft budget provides for expenses for attack space assets, as well as for the purchase of the first light attack aircraft OA-X, which is to replace another veteran of many wars, the A-10.