The world's first 3D cinema with an LED screen opens in Switzerland

Samsung has unveiled the world's first public cinema in Zurich, Switzerland, using new LED 3D imaging technology to create a picture. So far - in test mode, but any person from the street has access to the institution, no pre-orders are needed, you just need to go and buy a ticket for the session.

The main difference between the new items is the absence of a projector. The image is created by the LED screen itself, so the company's engineers guarantee that there are no parasitic effects. Such as blurring of the picture along the edge of the screen, dull colors, low resolution, etc. The screen creates exactly the same, even image over the entire plane, regardless of where the viewer is watching from in the hall.

The new screen offers up to 10 times brighter images than standard technologies, full 4K support and acoustic accompaniment from the JBL Professional system. The diagonal of the screen is 10 m. It is located in the Arena Cinemas Silhcity and it is possible that only there it will be possible to watch new movies.

The fact is that the advancement of Samsung's Cinema LED technology is proceeding very slowly, and even 2D LED screens are now found in only three places on the planet. These are Seoul, Busan and Shanghai, where the Korean company has more or less strong positions. Owners of 3D cinemas with projector-based equipment are in no hurry to change everything and invest in new technologies, despite their obvious advantages.