World's first affordable LeanGP virtual reality moto simulator goes into production

One of the main disadvantages of motor simulators is the inability to use them at home due to their large size, complexity and high cost. With the advent of the LeanGP Simulator device, developed by the engineers of the Spanish startup of the same name, this problem will be solved.

Recently, manufacturers of driving simulators have given an unconditional preference to automobiles, leaving two-wheeled vehicles far on the periphery. The explanation is very simple: it is much more difficult to simulate riding a motorcycle, so you have to use more complex equipment and software for it. In particular, a body tracking system and a plurality of actuators that simulate the movement of a motorcycle are needed.

In LeanGP Simulator, this scheme is greatly simplified. According to the developers, it is compatible with most games and gaming accessories - VR headsets and various headsets. In order to meet future users, the startup members have implemented the "plug and play" principle.

The implementation of the LeanGP Simulator idea is simple and based on side-to-side turns, which makes the controller easier to enter information like in most motor games.

The startup LeanGP Simulator generated a lot of interest on Kickstarter, earning € 20, 000 ($ 24, 600) in the first 48 hours. If, as a result of crowdfunding, it is possible to earn 1.5 million dollars, then the developers intend to supplement the device with force feedback and drives to enhance the effect of real driving. The price of the motor simulator is 899 euros or 1100 dollars.