Lamborghini begins mass production of e-bikes

Throughout its history, the eminent Italian brand Lamborghini has already taken part in the creation of elite versions of racing bicycles several times, but has always limited itself to a small, exclusive batch. Now, apparently, the time has come for serial models - in cooperation with Italtechnology, the Italians will be engaged in the mass production of electric bikes.

An unofficial announcement of bicycles took place the other day at the Lamborghini Museum in the commune of Sant'Agata Bolognese. The model does not yet have a proper name, but it will be performed in two versions: a mountain bike and its road version. It is emphasized that all units and components of the machines were designed and created in Italy, which took more than 5 years of research, during which four new international patents were issued.

Fans of this type of transport are still waiting for specifics from Lamborghini, but so far the description of the characteristics comes down to an advertising expression. “We've created an e-bike for customers who want maximum performance on the road and comfortably reach the speed limit.” So the races are canceled?

The sale of new products will begin next month, but only for the privileged customers of Lamborghini and according to the same rules as the sports cars of this brand are sold. For example, the same colors are reserved for bicycles.