The Pico U Brewing Machine brews beer, coffee and mate with equal ease

Seattle-based PicoBrew has successfully used a series of startups to bring several models of their brewing units to market, and now it's time for the next machine. It is called Pico U, where “U” stands for versatility and indicates the machine's ability to brew a wide range of beverages beyond the base beer.

The Pico U continues the series of compact brewing machines and can brew craft beer with minimal human intervention. Already filtered, working volume 5 l. The true value of this model is in the ability to brew a wide range of drinks that can be prepared on a regular stove. Horseshad, latte, kombucha, mate, all kinds of tea, coffee, etc., depending on the availability of "tea leaves".

This term is understood as a package "PicoPaks", a set of components for the quick brewing of the desired drink, which must be changed when exhausted, by analogy with tea bags. The difference is that Pico U does not just pour boiling water over the dry mixture, but it brews and infuses the drink according to the recipe. The company says that it has entered into agreements with hundreds of breweries and restaurants, so in the future it will be possible to purchase PicoPaks with an arbitrary type of delicious potion.

The cost of the packages will vary, with the Pico U being priced at $ 189. The bulk of funding has already been successfully collected and sales will begin in January 2019.