Electric scooter rental is becoming fashionable in Silicon Valley

Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Francisco and other cities of the US West Coast with an active population are mastering the service of renting a personal electric vehicle. The youngest company Skip, founded by the authors of the Boosted board startup, has achieved the greatest success. It offers its customers the sharing of a new generation of electric scooters designed for the urban environment.

Skip wants their users to operate electric scooters on a par with other public transport. And therefore, unlike competitors, they relied not on innovative models, but on large, reliable cars from the Singapore-based company Minimotors. It has full suspension with good shock absorbers, plenty of legroom, headlights and brake lights. The cruising range on a full charge will be up to 50 km, the maximum speed is 28 km / h.

To use Skip, you need to have funds in your account at the rate of $ 0, 15 per minute of driving, find an electric scooter at one of the many sites and unblock it using a QR code. At the end of the trip, you should simply leave the device on the site - a special city service, for a share of the profit, is engaged in the permanent charging of their batteries and other maintenance.

This is the secret of the project's success - it is closely integrated into the existing urban infrastructure and does not compete with its traditional transport elements.