Boeing will make Apache helicopters fly until the 2060s

The manufacturer of the AN-64 Apache attack helicopters, Boeing, intends to extend their active "life" until the middle of the 21st century. In the near future, it will produce and sell up to 100 modernized machines a year around the world.

AN-64 were put into service in the early 80s. According to the influential magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology, despite the end of the Cold War, Boeing intends to increase the production of helicopters, bringing their production to a hundred per year by 2021.

Currently, Apaches are purchased by 16 US allies, including the UK, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands. To extend the service life of the AN-64, modern technologies are widely used - for example, replacing old engines with more advanced ones with a capacity of up to 6000 hp. from.

Such modernization will give the updated AN-64 improved maneuverability, increase speed and flight range, especially in mountainous areas (Afghanistan), where the efficiency of the engine is decreasing.

Another update is the digitization of the cockpit, where displays with touch screen technology will be installed on the dashboard, which will significantly increase the quality and speed of displaying information so necessary in modern combat. Boeing also plans to use voice recognition and other interface technologies.