Revos turns any bike into an e-bike in 10 minutes

The bicycle is very popular in Europe, especially in the Scandinavian countries. And yet, some pedaling enthusiasts sometimes want to multiply their efforts, for example, on the rise. Not everyone wants to buy an electric bike in the presence of a completely serviceable ordinary one: Europeans know how to count money.

British startup Revolutions Works' three-piece attachment Revos solves this problem by turning a regular bicycle into an e-bike. It joined the family of similar devices, which already included the Copenhagen Wheel and Rabee.

The kit includes a drive and a pedal sensor. Revos comes with a lithium-ion battery in two versions - 100 and 200 Wh. Converting an ordinary bicycle to an electric one will take no more than 10 minutes, and does not require any special tools.

The 250-watt aluminum alloy drive mounts under the seat in contact with the rear tire. The battery, connected to the actuator, is attached to the frame, and the magnetic pedal sensor is attached to the blade of the lower fork.

As soon as the pedals begin, the sensor detects the movement of the cassette, and the drive unit is activated, helping the cyclist to reach a speed of 25 km / h. To turn off the drive, just turn the pedal half a turn back. With the start of the ascent, turn the pedals another half turn, and the system will be reactivated.

There are about two weeks left until the end of the campaign on Kickstarter. A kit with a 100W battery will cost $ 465, and with a 200W battery, $ 585. If the company succeeds, the sale of the device will begin in October this year.