Alpen Bike Capsule - a personal micro garage for every bike fan

Owners of bicycles who do not have a garage and have extra square meters in their apartment often have to leave their two-wheeled assistants in the open air, strapped to the nearest crossbar, without any guarantees that they will not become easy prey for thieves.

It was for them that Alpen Storage (USA) developed the Alpen Bike Capsule garage capsule. It is made of waterproof UV-resistant special polyethylene with a ball-bearing hinged cover. The weight of the capsule is 59 kg, dimensions are 2 × 1, 3 × 0.8 m. For reliability, it is recommended to fix it on a solid base with concrete or wooden blocks.

Alpen Bike Capsul is capable of accommodating almost any type of bike along with accessories. The exception is bicycles with handlebars larger than 558 mm - when parking them, you will have to turn the wheel slightly to the side.

Pre-orders are already being accepted on the company's website. The Alpen Bike Capsule will cost $ 899 plus $ 200 shipping. The start of sales of microgarages is scheduled for September.