Canadian Trinity Sound System focuses the sound of loud concerts in a very small area

One of the main problems of mass musical events is the sound pollution of the surrounding residential areas. Canadian engineer Jeremy Bridge, CEO of PK Sound, has developed a unique speaker system that delivers high-quality sound to the audience while limiting its propagation outside the venue.

The system is called Trinity. It is a massive panel of 270 speakers arranged in a special way on stage and around the hall, which can be controlled using a remote control. The operator chooses the optimal sound direction - the most comfortable for the audience and "gentle" for the adjacent residential areas.

Jeremy Bridge, a former chemistry graduate at the University of Calgary, worked for a time in an oil company, while keeping in mind his hobby of music. While working as a DJ, he more than once faced breakdowns of someone else's sound equipment, which prompted him to create his own, with a lower volume level and high sound quality.

As a result, he developed a system for controlling the direction of sound when changing the parameters of the hall. "Flexible" technology makes it possible to sound any room, concentrating sound in a specific space, including open air. At the same time, the background noise, causing great inconvenience to residents of the surrounding areas, is reduced to an insignificant level.

Jeremy Bridge's sound system has already been tested at popular music festivals such as Electric Daisy in Las Vegas and Mexico City with 100, 000 spectators and the Escapade Festival in Ottawa.

Trinity speaker system left