Canadian resident sells anti-tank self-propelled gun for $ 36,000

Stephen Philpitt, a resident of Nova Scotia, Canada, is willing to sell his decommissioned Alvis FV 102 Striker self-propelled anti-tank missile launcher for $ 36, 000.

The self-propelled gun served in the British army for almost 20 years from 1977 to 1996 as part of the armored forces. The combat vehicle was equipped with five Swingfire anti-tank missiles with a firing range of up to 4000 meters and a remotely controlled aiming system.

According to Canada's largest classifieds website Kijiji, Philpitt's Striker has a range of over 111, 000 km and is powered by a new gasoline engine from Jaguar. As Stephen himself assures, the combat vehicle accelerates to 64 km / h.

After decommissioning, the Striker was disarmed, although the missile launcher and smoke arresters remained in the same places, and instead of Swingfire combat missiles, there are training missiles in the guides. Also missing is the standard GPMG cal. 7.62 mm with 3000 rounds of ammunition.

In the absence of real combat work, Philpitt found an unusual use for it - he crushed two old cars (fortunately, the weight of a self-propelled gun - 9 tons - this allows) and demolished two sheds. So, if anyone needs such services, a decommissioned self-propelled gun is always ready for work.