Segway invites you to earn injury in a whole new way

US medical statistics for 2015-2016 indicate 25, 854 cases of child injury caused by problems with riding hoverboards, gyro scooters and similar equipment. In the decade and a half that have passed since the advent of the first "Segway", the world of personal electric vehicles has moved far in the opposite direction from safety. And this trend has recently appeared a new direction of development, announced by the same Segway.

The company's strategy: it is necessary to make new devices lighter, cheaper and easier to manage, everything else is the concern of the user himself. In a fresh commercial from Segway, the protagonists donned helmets, which is rare in real life, but ignored the elbow pads and knee pads. And their feet in shoes just stand on self-propelled platforms, without fastening - the authors of the novelty called Drift W1 present this as one of its advantages.

I got up and drove off, not caring about kicking, since the electric motor would do the main work. This category of devices was collectively called e-Skates, but this is on condition that Segway wins the competition with InMotion. Otherwise, bots with motors will be called Hovershoes - the Chinese showed their version a month ago and detailed the characteristics, while the Americans keep everything secret.

There is no information about the price or the start of sales of the Drift W1, but Segway has transparently hinted that this model is only the first in the e-Skates series. Probably, everything will become clear during the IFA 2018, which will be held in August in Berlin.