This is how the interior of the new luxury tourist airship will look like

Last October, British aerospace company Hybrid Air Vehicles announced plans to create an elite touring version of the Airlander industrial airship. The car received the Airlander-10 index, it is intended for long leisurely air voyages in the most comfortable environment for passengers. The company showed how the interior of the airship will look at the last airshow in Farnborough.

The British company Design Q was responsible for the layout of the cabin and the interior of the airship. The aircraft received a passenger compartment with a length of 46 m, more than that of many airliners. The Airlander 10 can take only 19 passengers on board, but there are individual cabins with bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone. The common space is divided into an observation deck and a deck with a bar counter. Almost half of all the walls of the passenger gondola have been replaced with panoramic windows to create an impressive view of the countryside from below.

The duration of the cruise will be about three days with one gas station. The Airlander 10 is considered the largest aircraft in the world and is powered by four 325hp turbocharged diesel engines. (242 kW). A long stay in the air is ensured by a system of chambers filled with helium. The payload of the airship is quite small, only 10 tons, but it does not require special conditions for takeoff and landing, which will allow excursions to exotic places on the planet.

Safety issues can be an obstacle to using the Airlander 10 in the best interests of the wealthy. In November last year, automatics destroyed the hull in order to release gas and land the airship, which fell from the mooring mast and began to drift uncontrollably. The investigation led to the discovery of flaws in the mechanism of fastening the airship to the mast - they were eliminated, but some concerns remained.