Tesla has sold a series of branded surfboards

Tesla has launched a limited-edition sale of surfboards made with the same materials as its cars. Despite being priced at $ 1, 500, all 200 copies were reserved on launch day. The manufacturer promises to produce them within two to ten weeks.

Elon Musk recruited surfboard designer Matt Biolos and renowned manufacturer Lost Surfboards. As a result of their joint activities and the use of the company's technologies, the Tesla board will appear. It is planned to be made using epoxy resin and carbon fiber composite material.

The board will be finished in red and black with a matte and glossy finish. The company's logos will be placed on the top and bottom surfaces. The underside will be covered with two layers of fabric for extra durability and protection from dents. Some models can easily fit inside the vehicle for transport.

The company has offered non-machine related products in the past. For example, flamethrowers, branded caps, T-shirts, phone cases. Surfboard manufacturing is not exotic among automakers. Some well-known brands have created their own surfboards in the past. Among them are Mini, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover.