Green Falcon bamboo electric bike built in Philippines

The Philippines Department of the Environment is currently implementing an ambitious project to plant millions of bamboo seedlings to prevent soil erosion. This will give by 2020 a huge amount of almost gratuitous building material and enthusiasts have been given the green light for various PR projects that could attract investors here. Banatti's Green Falcon bamboo electric motorcycle concept from this series.

Strictly speaking, the only body is bamboo, which is mounted on a simple aluminum frame. The engine is the most common, with a power of only 3.3 kW (4.4 hp), instead of a fuel tank, a 48 V lithium battery. The maximum speed could have been 110 km / h, but the Banatti team deliberately reduced it to the legislative limit in Manila at 60 km / h. The power reserve is questionable - the fact is that this is not a car for driving, but a kind of collector's item.

The cost of an e-bike with a bamboo body is $ 23, 000, which automatically makes it unaffordable for all Filipinos. And whoever has money is unlikely to want to saddle a slow-speed, low-powered vehicle in order to feel the comfort of a bamboo seat. The Banatti team plans to build just over a hundred Green Falcon and sell them to collectors around the world.

Green Falcon is an example that it doesn't take a lot of investment for a completely modern technology to appear in a third world country, which should help attract investors. But the money already collected can be spent on the social project "Bamboo Jepney" - a minibus with an electric motor and a body made of the same bamboo, but with a decent capacity and carrying capacity. So far, this is only a concept, but the country's authorities approve of such innovations that could make people's lives better.