Air Hogs Supernova acrobat drone is controlled by hand movement

The ever-growing family of flying drones is striking in its external diversity. Air Hogs, known for its remote-controlled cars and airplanes, has developed the Supernova, a hand-operated quadcopter.

The drone owes its responsiveness to built-in laser sensors and a responsive core responsible for performing various aerial stunts.

In the arsenal of Supernova there are over 30 simple and 9 "aerobatics", available only to a more solid UAV. Manual manipulation comes down to a combination of several gestures along the right and left sides of the drone, as well as a "support" gesture from below.

There are a lot of entry-level tricks. The more complex ones are much less. Their names are "boomerang", "dance disco", "walk with the dog" and "game of the dead". However, mastering management skills is easy enough. This requires only a few recharges of the battery using the micro-USB cable.

The developers recommend playing with Supernova indoors and if the user has long hair, remove it first. There are also age restrictions. You shouldn't trust the drone to children under the age of eight. For safety reasons, it is hidden in a special protective, springy, plastic cage, but you should still keep your hands away from its rotating screws.

The Supernova is priced at $ 39.99.