Porsche Tractor Race To Be Held In California

Journalists were quick to dub the upcoming competition "the slowest race in the world", although in fact no one has any idea what speeds will be discussed. The Porsche brand has officially invited all owners of its tractors to join the first ever race of these machines. Who will respond, and how they will arrive - the main intrigue.

The fact that this is not a joke is evidenced by changes in the program of the Rennsport Reunion festival. Tractor drivers will have to race at the famous WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in California, but they chose a simplified version of the competition. This is an analogue of the “24 Hours of Le Mann”, only much shorter in time, and the race will go until the fifth turn - there are fears that the accelerated tractors will simply not fit into the sixth.

The Porsche brand has never produced its own tractors, although it has developed several models in the middle of the last century. Only hybrids built under licenses from other manufacturers came out of the company's workshops. However, having a logo makes it easy, and therefore cars built between 1956 and 1963 can compete on Porsche's behalf. You just need to send an application with a photo of the unit, which is still on the move and ready to race, plus pay the entry fee.