British cyclist sets European speed record of 240 km / h

44-year-old Briton Neil "Soupy" Campbell became a hero of the Guinness Book of Records, setting the European speed record on a two-wheeled bicycle - 240 km / h. The check-in took place on the runway of the Elvington airfield in Yorkshire.

However, the record would not have been possible without the help of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo with a special vertical shield. Initially, Neil was tied to the car with a tow rope. After reaching 160 km / h, he disconnected from the car and started pedaling himself. The air flow formed during acceleration and the aerodynamic cocoon formed thanks to it provided Campbell with a record speed over a segment of about 3 km.

Nevertheless, one should not detract from the efforts of the record holder himself and the merits of his bike, which was developed and assembled by Moss Bikes. Its unusual, elongated frame is made of carbon fiber and some parts are 3D printed. Neil Campbell himself wore an aerodynamic suit.