World's first solar yacht SolarImpact can travel the world endlessly

The world's first yacht to combine a giant solar array and floating craft, SolarImpact is built to go without fuel. The only source of energy for it is sunlight, and if you do not go beyond the economy mode, that is, drift at a speed of 5 knots (~ 9 km / h), then the cruising range of this vessel is limited only by the availability of supplies for the crew on board. In theory, if it sticks to equatorial waters, it can move forever.

The SolarImpact is 24 meters long and has a displacement of only 70 tons, and is structurally a catamaran with a very low draft and high stability. All this was done intentionally to bypass the shipping restrictions of most countries and remove the crew from the board. In fact, it consists of one person who looks after the onboard artificial intelligence that controls all the ship's automation. The yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests for a short voyage, and there is no need for large supplies of water and food.

The total area of ​​solar panels is 300 square meters, in bright sun they can generate 320 kWh of energy per day. The energy is used to rotate the propellers and recharge the battery complex at 800 kWh, so when darkness falls, the yacht can move for another 10 hours at cruising speed until dawn. The maximum speed is 22 knots (~ 43 km / h), but the authors of SolarImpact strongly recommend limiting it to 5 knots. And then you will travel around the world in about six months without emitting a single gram of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

By comparison, a typical 25-meter yacht burns up to 100 liters of fuel per hour while sailing at just 10 knots. Therefore, SolarImpact is called the first of its kind - not just a large boat with solar panels on the roof, but the concept of an environmentally friendly and extremely cheap private seagoing ship of the future. In all fairness, there are conventional diesel engines here, in case of a storm or difficult maneuvering.