Kuschall develops lightweight and durable graphene wheelchair

Graphene is a modern miracle material that, in terms of strength and hardness, surpassed its famous predecessors - steel and diamonds. It is increasingly used in a wide variety of industries, including aircraft, clothing and concrete. Another glorious "debut" of graphene is the Superstar wheelchair of the Swiss company Küschall.

The Superstar was developed using computer-aided design and will be produced in partnership with the manufacturers of Formula 1 cars. Each model will be tailored to the requirements of a specific customer. As Küschall proudly claims, the stroller will be 30% lighter and 20% stronger than classic carbon fiber wheelchairs.

The Superstar frame is made of graphene. According to a press release from the developers, "Excellent transmission of forces throughout the body means the stroller responds quickly to every movement and moves easily over any surface."

The X-frame is said to offer improved performance. Much attention is paid to security issues. Owners of the stroller have at their disposal a built-in seat cushion and an adjustable backrest, with which they can fix the optimal body position.

There are LEDs built into the frame on either side of the footrest and at the rear, and mud flaps protect the user from dirt during bad weather.