The SeaFlyer scooter will make exploring the depths of the sea accessible and fun

Last year, the Chinese company Robosea introduced the BIKI underwater drone for remote sensing of the deep sea. Her latest addition is the SeaFlyer underwater scooter, this time designed for swimmers and divers. In terms of technical characteristics, it successfully competes with its predecessors - the Trident, LeFeet S1 and WhiteShark MIX scooters.

Particularly interesting is the Trident, which remains to this day a certain benchmark in terms of price-performance ratio: diving depth - up to 50 meters, speed - up to 7 km / h. For comparison, the SeaFlyer can dive 44 meters and accelerate to 6.6 km / h.

As the developers assure, the energy potential of the battery of the four-kilogram SeaFlyer is enough for an hour of comfortable underwater walk. The user can control the operating condition of the scooter using the OLED panel, which reflects the time remaining until full discharge, the speed of movement and a number of other indicators.

SeaFlyer is available for purchase on Indiegogo with a $ 369 security deposit. The retail price may already be $ 699.