Now anyone can fly in a high-speed jetpack for $ 4950 per day

It's only been three years since inventor David Mayman made a full flight in a jetpack around the Statue of Liberty, but Jetpack Aviation has already decided that it's time to start making money in earnest. Until there is a reliable pilot rescue system at altitudes below 100 m, it makes no sense to sell jetpacks. But you can rent them out so that everyone has the opportunity to fly under the supervision of an instructor!

The service costs $ 4950 and includes a full day of flights, first for training, and then for your own pleasure. Boris Yarri, while the world's only certified instructor for this type of transport, will teach the correct takeoff and landing, backward and sideways movement, various turns and other tricks. Basically, if you are flying a segway or hoverboard and are not afraid of heights, learning will not be difficult.

For the flights, the JB-10 model was chosen - the previous version of the jetpack, not as powerful as the heavy six-engine JB-11, in which Mamen is now cutting through the skies at speeds above 200 km / h. And at first, visitors to this kind of attraction will be kept on a cable - so that they do not fly far and so that the instructor has remote control over the system. But when the training is over, the cable will be removed and free flight will begin!

You should prepare yourself that instead of full-fledged circling in the air, there will be a series of short flights, with landings for refueling. But they will let you fly right over the ocean, among the most beautiful landscapes of Los Angeles. And the client keeps a tailored flight suit with the company logo and autographs of the inventors.