Russian Hoversurf hoverbikes go on sale for $ 150,000

After the presentation of the prototype of the Russian Hoversurf hoverbike last year, experts unanimously admired its driving performance, but automatically put an end to real use. The reason - four huge propellers, which rotate at great speed in a few centimeters from the rider's body. And here's the startling news: the Hoversurf Scorpion 3 goes on sale next year.

The hoverbike received a new carbon fiber frame and lightened to 114 kg. Its maximum speed has been increased to 96 km / h, but strictly less than 100 km / h. The new lithium-manganese-nickel battery provides 15-25 minutes of flight time, depending on the pilot's weight and weather conditions. Without load, the Scorpion 3 can fly for up to 40 minutes on automatic control. All these conditions are deliberately chosen so as to remove the hoverbike from the requirements of the US Federal Aviation Administration and provide it with the legal status not of an aircraft, but of an ultralight transport.

It is possible that Scorpion 3 is really recognized as just a large manned multicopter and nothing more. Moreover, Russian engineers managed to radically resolve the issue of security. Firstly, no means of rescue cannot be placed on the hoverbike, so the automatic equipment will not lift it higher than 5 m above the ground. Secondly, the pilot is always wearing tough protection to minimize injury. Thirdly, the propellers are now made not of metal, but of birch plywood - an equally reliable material during normal operation, in the event of a blow to a person's leg, it does not cut it, but breaks into chips. Combined with leg guards, this will save the pilot from disability, but you still need to look both ways.

The declared cost of one Scorpion 3 hoverbike produced by the Russian-American company Hoversurf is $ 150, 000. So far, they are supplied on pre-orders and you need to get in line - the Dubai police are very interested in flying cars, who are planning to buy out the entire first batch. Serial production of flying motorcycles from Hoversurf will begin in the second half of 2019.