"Iron Man" Richard Browning clears the British Navy's obstacle course

Fantastic projects are slowly becoming a reality, thanks in large part to the likes of Richard Browning, a former reservist for the British Royal Navy.

In 2017, he founded his own company, Gravity Industries, where he developed the Daedalus Mark 1 flying suit, equipped with six tiny jet engines - two on the back and two on each arm, which enable him to perform controlled flights.

He first showed his brainchild at the popular international Comic Con festival in San Diego two years ago. The costume is very similar to the outfit of the heroes of numerous blockbusters based on the Marvel comics. Browning's helmet is equipped with a display with which it controls the flight and monitors fuel consumption.

Not so long ago, servicemen of one of the training centers of the British Royal Navy were able to familiarize themselves with the novelty. Browning made a demonstration flight over the training obstacle course especially for them. Who knows, maybe in the near future, besides the most modern weapons, British soldiers will be equipped with jetpacks, the prototype of which will be the Daedalus Mark 1.