Volocopter has unveiled the most powerful version of its flying taxi

The all-electric, safe and comfortable flying taxi Volocopter continues to evolve. Information appeared in the press about the last, fourth modification of this machine, which was named VoloCity. It will be officially presented at the exhibition in Singapore next quarter.

The VoloCity device is built taking into account more than a thousand flights of test models of previous generations of the "volcopter". The scheme remained unchanged - this is a heavy cargo-passenger multicopter with a circular arrangement of beams for attaching rotors above the cockpit. In the new version, the number of motors has been increased to 18, the structure is additionally strengthened for better carrying capacity, and a new double stabilizer has also been added.

In its current version, VoloCity can take on board two people and fly at speeds up to 110 km / h for a range of up to 35 km on a single charge. These are rather modest figures, but they fully fit into the concept of safe urban transport. Plus, the designers are under pressure from the restrictions set by the European Aviation Safety Agency, so most of the units of the device have reserve capacities, which affected its overall flight performance.

The company says that VoloCity has become the most powerful and reliable among all modifications of the copter, so there is a real chance that this particular model will go into series. In this case, it will probably be possible to see this flying taxi in the sky as early as next year.