Transformer Monkeycycle - eight bikes in one

Growing bikes are nothing new in the toy industry, but the Monkeycycle stands out from the crowd. The reason lies in its unusual modular design, which accompanies a child from a stroller for babies to a bicycle for six years old.

So the first Monkeycycle option is a baby stroller. It includes a rear brake and storage bag. According to the developers, it will be ready for production in 6 - 8 months.

The following three options make up the basic Monkeycycle kit. This is a simple two-wheeled bike with a height-adjustable seat. The basic kit also includes pedals that are installed in a special socket when the child can already use them.

Then - a three-wheel set for creating a trike. In addition to the third wheel, it includes several parts that change its configuration to an ATV. The ATV is the oldest version of the Monkeycycle for children under the age of six. The maximum seat height is 64 cm.

Monkeycycle is available on Kickstarter for $ 249 for the base and $ 349 for the complete kit. At the beginning of the campaign, prices were slightly lower, so the first kits sold out very quickly. The start of sales is scheduled for March 2019.