Lazareth unveils a hoverbike with jet turbines in wheels

French inventor Ludovic Lazaret has published a teaser for his new brainchild, which will be officially shown to the public on January 31, 2019. The video is deliberately darkened to keep the intrigue, but it can be inferred from it that we are talking about "La Moto Volante". It is a hybrid vehicle that can transform from a motorcycle into a flying hoverbike.

In the form of a bike, the novelty is very similar to the previous brainchild of the Lazaret, model LM-847. This four-wheeled monster is not a typical ATV, but a motorcycle in which the rear and front wheels are in pairs, but each has a separate drive. The car was equipped with a powerful 470 hp engine from Maserati, but in the new model it will be replaced by four jet turbo engines from the German company Jetcat. Similar ones are on Yves Rossi's jetpack and on the NASA Skunk Works X-56A aircraft.

The most intriguing thing in the video is the moment the motorcycle's wheels turn from vertical to horizontal. In this mode, it becomes very similar to classic hoverbikes - with the difference that in the most successful versions of our time there are electric motors and propellers, and here jet engine nozzles are somehow mounted right in the wheel axles. How Infirmary made the wheels spin while driving and spew flames in flight is probably the main secret of this miracle of engineering.

The ride and flight characteristics of the hoverbike remain unknown, and skeptics say it's not a vehicle at all. Rather a movable techno sculpture, a big toy for adults, not a travel car. Well, this also cannot be ruled out, taking into account the real achievements and limitations in modern technologies. It remains to wait for the presentation and find out everything first-hand.