Leading Brands Lightning and Zero Prepare to Launch Next-Generation E-Bikes

The American electric motorcycle market is in for a major change. Two well-known brands at once announced the release of new models, which experts predict fierce rivalry. Or will the companies find a common language and new cars will occupy their niches?

Zero is preparing to show the novelty on February 25 and carefully hides the details, but still a little information has been leaked to the press. The model has an SR / F index, it will receive a power plant with a capacity of 89 kW, for powering which 20 kWh batteries were placed on board. A photo available on the Internet shows a very brutal motorcycle, and fans of the brand are already looking forward to racing on the California highways.

An hour's drive from Zero's San Jose headquarters, Lightning has opened a new manufacturing facility with extensive facilities. It is expected that his specialization will be the younger brother of the high-speed model LS-218. It turned out that not everyone needs so much power, and speeds of 240 km / h are enough. The range of travel at one gas station will be a little over 200 km, the process of recharging the batteries itself will take about half an hour.

Electric vehicle enthusiasts were also thrilled by the idea of ​​Lightning to reduce the price of the new model. Compared to its closest competitor, the 2018 Zero SR, it will be $ 3, 000 lower with a 50% speed boost. I wonder what Zero will answer to this, and will the cheapening of electric motorcycles become a trend in 2019?