The largest airship in the world prepares to receive the first passengers

For the past few years, the Airlander 10 by Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), designed to carry 20 passengers, has been considered the largest aircraft in the world. However, after six test flights, the project almost came to the brink of closure.

The reason for this was two minor accidents. The first happened in 2016. Then, upon landing, the airship knocked down a power line pole. During the second in November 2017, the airship in the parking lot fell to the ground, injuring a passenger.

However, the information about the suspension of the project turned out to be premature. According to HAV CEO Stephen McGlennan, "The prototype fulfilled its function as the world's first hybrid airship, providing us with the information we needed to move from prototype to production model."

In addition to the experience during the tests, Hybrid Air Vehicles received all operating and flight permits, and already in the early 2020s intends to start serial production of the Airlander 10.

Airlander 10 specifications: length - 92 m, height - 26 m, width - 43.5 m, volume - 38, 000 cubic meters. m. The airship is equipped with four turbodiesel engines with a capacity of 325 liters. from. each capable of providing him with a speed of 150 km / h.