In Chicago, rails are set on fire so that trains can run in abnormal cold

Metra Rail, which operates part of Chicago's commuter railways, has taken extraordinary measures to keep the track free from cold. The region is now experiencing unprecedented frosts for these places, the air has cooled down to -34 ° C, due to which the switches on the rails freeze, and the metal itself begins to shrink and deform. The footage, captured by local journalists, clearly shows burning rails - the last way to defeat the cold.

What is happening looks impressive and even resembles shots from a disaster movie in which people are desperately fighting an icy cold. In fact, no one thought to set fire to the rails, just Metra Rail put into operation a standard heating system, which was developed just for such cases. And it works only on one section of the highway under the index A-2, because in other places there are more advanced electric heaters or heat guns.

But the A-2 track is so complex that there is simply no room for bulky equipment. Therefore, even at the construction stage, pipes for gas supply were laid next to the rails - it burns in the footage, and not the rails themselves. This is not very good for metal, so the open flame system is only turned on in an emergency. And only where locomotives run on diesel fuel, in order to avoid fuel ignition.