Fantastic "Valkyrie" will be the largest megayacht in the world

The designer Chalhun Park conceived the project of an unusual yacht while still a student. After many years, he made a career in the shipbuilding industry and now his project "Valkyrie" has received the green light. The concept is fully worked out - it remains to find someone who dares to finance this idea.

If built, the Valkyrie will prove to be the largest superyacht in the world, easily surpassing the current record holder, the Azzam. The length of the yacht belonging to Khalif bin Zayed Al Nahyan is 180 meters, and the conceptual monster of the Park is 50 meters longer. Everything above the waterline was designed by the designer, the underwater part and mechanisms were designed by engineer Palmer Johnson.

Structurally, "Valkyrie" is a trimaran, with steel and aluminum gondolas, on which a carbon fiber superstructure is mounted. It is 50% more energy efficient than ships of the same size, but despite its predatory appearance, it is not at all designed for racing. Moreover, it is not a cruise ship, but rather a floating exhibition center for cultural events. The dimensions of the yacht are enough to accommodate a theater, shops, salons, restaurants and themed venues on board.

According to the idea of ​​the Park, "Valkyrie" itself is a work of art, a living carrier of the idea of ​​deconstructivism, when there are no clear, symmetrical, repeating elements in architecture and interior. The idea of ​​contrast to other superyachts, with their laconic closed silhouettes and hull contours, there are many open areas, broken lines, various nooks and unusual premises. The yacht has a crew of 92 people and can accommodate 52 guests in 26 cabins.