Kiwano unveils its rugged off-road electric scooter

The American company Kiwano gained fame thanks to its KO-X hoverboard. In 2017, the KO1 single-wheeled scooter appeared, developing a maximum speed of 32 km / h. Its continuation was KO1 +. It is very similar to its predecessor, but it is a different machine.

In KO1 +, the power supply is hidden in the steering rod. The energy reserve is enough for 40 km of run, after which an hour recharging is required. A 1000 W motor "gives out" a speed of 30 km / h. It can be used to overcome inclines up to 30 degrees.

KO1 + is made of carbon fiber, flexible polycarbonate and zinc alloy. The casing is weatherproof and has an IP54 protection and durability rating. The scooter is "shod" in a massive tire designed for several types of surfaces - grass, sand, unpaved and asphalt surfaces. Any unevenness in the road is compensated by a special shockproof suspension.

The control of the electric unicycle is extremely simple. It is enough to stand on special folding legs and bend forward a little. Turns are made by slight inclinations in the desired direction.

The backlighting is provided by LEDs located at the top front and bottom rear. The control panel is an LCD display that shows the battery level, speed and ride information. Also, KO1 + has a built-in folding stand.

You can buy a monowheel for $ 1299 by choosing the type of tire - for city trips or the "all-terrain" option. Additional accessories on sale include mounts for an action camera, an additional charger and a branded helmet from Kiwano.