The Lazareth Flying Hoverbike Goes On Sale This Fall

Ludovic Lazaret has been developing unusual cars and motorcycles for many years. In 1998, he created the LAZARETH company, which allowed him to fully give free rein to his irrepressible imagination and talent of an engineer.

He embodied his vision of a flying motorcycle in the four-wheeled Lazareth LM-847 based on a truly gigantic Maserati engine with a capacity of 470 hp. from.

Its creative sequel was the Moto Volante with a JetCat jet turbine capable of spinning each wheel up to 96, 000 rpm. With the help of hydraulic drives, the wheels from the "road" vertical position are transferred to the horizontal position, turning a futuristic bike into a flying quadcopter.

According to Lazaret, the Moto Volante is very good on the road, but it needs a suitable launch pad to get up in the air. To transform from a land bike to an air bike, just press a button and wait a minute. This is exactly how much is needed to preheat the turbine to get off the ground.

Until now, many technical details of the Moto Volante remain a mystery. So, judging by its appearance, it, like the Lazareth LM-847, should be equipped with a 470-horsepower Maserati engine. Although the absence of chains, driveshafts and the more than modest weight of the car - only 140 kg - indicate that the convertible bike is most likely equipped with electric motors.

The infirmary has already launched an advertising campaign to promote its brainchild. This fall, he is going to present it at the Gitex technology show in Dubai. It is expected that the first pre-orders for the Moto Volante will be open there at a price of $ 560, 000.