Lightning unveils Strike, the world's first affordable electric sports bike

Lightning has completed construction of a large plant in China and has significantly reduced the cost of producing its own e-bikes. The firstborn in a new category of mass-produced and low-cost vehicles will be the Strike model, which will be delivered in three versions. All of them have a default aerodynamic fairing that reduces air resistance by 30% when racing on the highway.

However, the Strike speed ceiling is 220 km / h, with an optional increase to 240 km / h for the top version of the Carbon Edition. This is not a racing motorcycle and it has nothing to do off-road either. On the contrary, the Strike was created precisely as the first mainstream electric motorcycle for commuting on public roads. Engine power 90 HP, torque reaches an impressive 244 Nm.

The main difference between the modifications is in the amount of batteries and the range of travel per charge. For the Standard Strike version, this is 10 kWh and 115 km, the Mid Range modification received a 15 kWh battery and can travel 160 km, and the most expensive Carbon Edition has a 20 kWh battery and a 240 km range, plus a whole range of additional options.

The price of the new electric bike starts at $ 12, 998 and goes up to $ 20, 000 in top-end configuration. A weighty argument for residents of megalopolises to abandon obsolete gasoline cars in favor of environmentally friendly new solutions. Plus, this market is booming now, and we should expect many more new products to appear, but will they be able to keep up with Lightning Strike? The model will go on sale in June this year.